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Car Detailing Training Online Guide 1 to 1 call

Car Detailing Training Online Guide 1 to 1 call

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Car detailing training Online guide 1 to 1 call 

With this guide you will receive a one-hour consultation with myself, covering various aspects such as starting a business, marketing strategies, sales tactics, client base building, and valuable insights to help you avoid costly mistakes in growing your detailing business efficiently. 

The standout feature of this guide is its personalised approach. Rather than sticking to a predefined set of topics, I have the flexibility to delve into your specific questions and concerns about detailing. This one-on-one session ensures that we comprehensively cover all aspects relevant to your unique journey in starting and expanding your detailing business. It's a tailored experience aimed at providing you with the specific insights and guidance you need for success!

You also have the option to split this call in two 30 minute calls.

This is a great option as it allows you to go away and apply the knowledge you have gained. We can then have a follow up call to check your progress and answer any further questions or help with any issues you have.

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